If compared to years ago, the scope of interior designing in today’s world is much more competitive, and that is why it is crucial to have an early exposure in the industry through education as well as practical knowledge.

Interior designing is so much more

Interior design does not always mean designing or planning residence interiors and other living spaces.
More often than not, industries like healthcare and retail, hospitality industries like hotels, cafes and resorts, or art galleries, furniture manufacturers, etc. everybody is in search of an interior designer. You can work in multiple fields, giving you that extra kick to excel in each.

Get a formal degree

Employers, a lot of them, eye on your professional background, especially your portfolio, your creativity and people skills. However, a formal degree in interior design is a must and definitely would be beneficial and increase your value as a designer.

Way different than a boring office job

As an interior designer, you will have to move around a lot, a little more than other professionals! Meetings with contractors, architects, suppliers, clients, on-site work, reviewing the completed work, and so on.

So if you are a person who dislikes boring office jobs and likes creative jobs where your ideas and spirit is appreciated, interior design is definitely for you.

Financial growth

An established network of contacts and a never-ending supply of creativity is your key to have that level of financial growth and experience.

If you are looking to be an entrepreneur and own your interior design firm/ company and be flooded with multiple projects from high-end clientele, you need to be a well-known figure in this industry.

Moreover, for the same, you need to have a fantastic interior design portfolio that showcases your work to potential clients and naturally has years of experience. The opportunities for growth are never-ending.

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