The spring is on us all, the fashions & trends in Interiors are going to be taking shape in the same way. Although, not only are we going to be getting to see some never-seen-before packages, but we’re also going to witness a stark return of some of the old-is-gold stuff.

The sign-of-the-times is to sit at home and be a lot more productive, although a little eerie at times, this is the kind of space & time that often lets creators take a – longer leap or run that extra mile – when it comes to ideation & creation.

1) The Healing Décor Aesthetic

This one has been coming for a while now. A lot of creators & designers in the field of interiors have not just been expecting to have this one back to its form & glory but have also been putting-in their bits to bring it back.

A lot more people are moving towards the essence of sustainability in their overall lives. Right from food, to the clothes they wear. So much so, that there is a lot of demand in the markets for products that give a sense of peaceful sustainability. This has what has mostly contributed towards the shift in mindsets of people – who are now expecting a more healing & soothing décor (in overall ambience) from their interior designers.

2) The Return of WOOD

YES! The outdoors are coming back-in! There are more than a few indicators that have gone on to show that a lot of people are spending more resources when it comes to aesthetically using one of our biggest sources for structures – wood; and of course, sustainably.

This year, we would go as far as saying that a lot more wood is going to be used in the designs of several interiors, and, not just in lawn or patio furniture. Be it in bathrooms – as sturdy wooden tables, mirror frames & panels, accessory & bathroom paraphernalia holders, etc.; or in kitchens – as increased wooden framing & panelling, cabinet creations, tables, chairs, etc.; or in the living room – as more wooden furniture, chairs, tables, swings, couch frames, television frames & holders, etc.

3) Mismatch, Off-Beat & Off-Trends

The demand for a bit of off-beat-ness & loudness in designs might never fade. There are always going to be a large number of people who prefer a little (or a lot) extra in how their expectations, vision and outcome-of-output in interiors would turn-out.

They don’t mind going a bit crazy when it comes to going the extra mile when it comes to wanting designs that are bolder in nature when compared to the more minimalistic & subtly designed outputs. Simply put, they find most ‘simplistic’ designs – ordinary, and, always want more jazz & shabang in the areas & places where they are going to be spending the most amount of time in.

4) Easy-To-Use, Natural & Sustainable Material

The whole planet is generally and gently moving towards sustainability. In this (not so much of a) race – people and a lot of design firms and corporations are altering their courses towards using material and products that are a lot more in harmony with the planet than ever before. And, the best part? All of this is being done out of more of a choice and a decision; than force.

5) Bolder Colours & Patterns

A lot of people have been drifting towards creating partially or wholly bold designs out of colours and patterns that are louder and (often) more-worked-upon than otherwise. Colours and patterns have been used as integral mediums in design to bring-&-churn-out some of the best ideas of creative people.

Though, the thought and usage of specialised colours & patterns have not only appealed to the design community. A lot of people who often pay good money to get as much of the best of interior décor as they possibly can have increased in numbers; and, have only been continuing to grow.

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