The Pandemic has been very hard on all of us. All were locked up at home. Many losing their jobs and many losing their loved ones. 2020- It was a challenging year! But not all was bad. Some good also came out of it all. We learned a lot many things and realized our hidden and suppressed talents.

As a kid, I used to paint, mostly oil and water colours. As I grew up and got busyand all, it was all forgotten. Suddenly, the pandemic hit and there was a lot of time at hand to do some reconning sitting at home. Many a housewives got into a frenzy of cooking and baking. I started my own small venture too, of baking tea cakes, in many flavors’, and selling from home. But due to health issues, I had to stop. That’s another story….

I joined a few painting classes, and voila, I got passionate about it. Then came the idea from a family member to go online and sell them. That’s when Art’Poria was created on Facebook, Market place. Made ’n’ number of paintings using acrylic paints and fulfilled many orders from family and friends. Even made coffee paintings! It was such a great pleasure and a kind of meditation for me.! I was consumed by my passion and It made me forget all about the pandemic. If you are passionate about something it’s never to late to pursuit it, even if its just as a hobby. Please do view my page on facebook and like. I take customized orders too.

What has started as a hobby, became my passion and continues to do so along with my present job. I am the Head of the Fashion Department at IFDA international, Nagpur. Since it’s a Design college, I have scope to create more and share my talents and creativity. Life has taught me to be motivated and find happiness even in a crisis.

All the best to all of you out there. A bright future is in our hands to build.

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  • Seema Gaur says:

    What an amazing collection. Perfection to the hilt!!!

  • Anindita Singhal says:

    Great work Jyoti! In childhood I remember you drew and painted very well….
    For many reasons and busy life style that got hidden in a box… I am so glad that this pandemic has brought that true talent out again…. Your art work proofs that you are truly talented artist. Wishing you all the best… keep the art in you flowing….

  • Monica Gupta says:

    Love the artwork. The colours used is very appealing to the eyes

  • Sonaal Ruparell says:

    Beauuttyy, you nailed it 🌹🌹

  • Josephine Kalarickal says:

    Great art work Jyoti. Keep the talent in you burning passionately.


    Excellent work !!

  • vidhu haridas says:

    Really motivating Jyoti’…… Keep going…. All the very best….

  • Jeeba V Chimmen says:

    Jyoti, loved your work. And definitely you have proved that the pandemic has a positive side too. Keep going girl.

  • Sunita Mehta says:

    Jyoti, your paintings are sending positivity and good vibes…the choice of colors is enhancing the beauty of the paintings…great precision..Keep it up Jyoti . Hoping to see many more paintings in the years to come . Great going.

  • Monal Patel says:

    Jyoti, beautiful artwork!
    I love your choice of colors.
    Your work is very intricate!
    So motivating!

  • Sandhya says:

    Wow…very great work.. Jyothi.. keep up the work that you love the most .. all the very for future endeavours

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