A Message from our CEO

Hi friends,

By the time you read this, I hope the Covid 19 wave would have subsided and hopefully Coronavirus shall find another planet to reproduce and prosper.

What a year 2020 has been??? Historic, memorable, or most horrible… should I say? Our generation shall never forget it..and it will go down in history.

Hope all of you are safe, hale’n’hearty.

For a person like me, who for the past 25+ years of my career, has been travailing for more than 20 days a month for work, was compelled to be indoors, working online. But like many of us in the Design industry, I am a people’s person and my work is driven with physical presence of other people. We suffered in agony. The pain of our industry shut down, to financial crisis, coupled with mental stress and friction with other family members, who had not been used to, all these years, having me around too much, for too long.

I am sure, we all have our stories to tell. But a lot to learn from 2020. We started off towards the beginning of 2020, right at the time when the pandemic hit India. And after juggling through online, we are now offline, at our campus, right at the student’s hub of Pune.

Our dream is to see every student who join us, after a few years, become successful designers and earn NAME, FAME and MONEY.

Best of luck. Happy designing!!!

Pallab Bose

CEO/Founder IFDA- College of Fashion & Interior Design