Interior designing has turned out to be one of the most popular specialisations in the field of design. The rapid growth in the field of real estate has increased the demand for interior designers as these residential areas have been subjected to vertical growth and real estate owners want to accommodate the best designs in minimum spaces.

As an interior designing professional, you will be expected to have knowledge about colour schemes, the material used to in the making of the structure or interior your client requires, the costing, and many other factors.

We also need to understand that as an increase in urbanisation happens, the living spaces and our working area are going to shrink and therefore, to live in a small place, it is more important to make the design of our space accommodating to our needs.

As an interior designer, you will require all the knowledge about artefacts, design, and exclusive furniture beside the managerial skills in interior designing . The popularity and rise in employment opportunity in this field have led many young aspirants, to find their career in the field of interior designing.

If you too are one such aspirant hoping to learn and start a career in interior designing then you should definitely consider our interior design curriculum. We have 4th year super specialisation course as well to impart in-depth knowledge to aspiring students. Explore more about the interior design courses in Pune.

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